Need financial help recovering from a hurricane? 

Benefits start at up to $10,000 - the maximum depends on you.

The damage of a hurricane can be traumatic.  Not to mention the hassles of the repair, rebuild, and recovery process.  


Even with full insurance coverage, its no guarantee. The insurance companies often have different perspectives and priorities than most boat owners.

However, adversity can bring out the best in boaters. Boaters  can be a benevolent bunch.

YES Yacht Executive Solutions is pleased to now be able to assist hurricane victims by including them as regular participants and beneficiaries in our philanthropy programs. 


Consequently, YES should be the first stop for everyone considering any type of yacht or hurricane repair.

The YES Hurricane Help programs are tailored after our regular business and benevolence programs and consistent with our basic principles.


There are multiple programs that could be appropriate for any situation or objective.   However, we won't know for sure which programs best suit you - until we talk with you.

Simply contact YES or your participating boat repair yard for qualifying details.

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?