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YES Strategic Partners

YES stragetic partners provide services for YES clientele ranging from economic insight, including net-worth neutral luxury purchases, to insurance, wealth management, marketing and other personal luxury services.


We encourage you to contact our affiliates below. Additional affiliate information will continue to be added on an ongoing basis.

Chamberlain Capital Group, unlike other economic and financial advisors and counselors,  has been specifically created  to take a comprehensive approach to help our clients truly prosper - in all areas of their lives.   We don't want to be a "stumbling bloc".  We believe that maximizing our clients' wealth is only part of our job. Our greater responsibility is to educate, promote, encourage and facilitate wise stewardship.  To help our clients use their financial blessings to recognize, enjoy, and to be able to financially indulge and pursue their "calling".


We do not replace your current advisors, but help them to be more effective. Frequently, we find that our clients have multiple advisors with a poorly coordinated wealth building plan, no plan at all, or even advisors with differing plans! We develop a close personal interest in our clients' long term financial, emotional and spiritual well being.



Chamberlain Capital Group


Your marketing needs are unique to your business. In a market crowded with tired clichés and stale gimmicks, it takes being bold and doing things  differently to stand out against, well, everyone else. That is exactly what we do, help your business be vibrant and visible in an oversaturated market. With planning, careful focus, and total support from your MarketingIntel team, your success can be achieved.


What is success, to you? By identifying manageable business outcomes, we can develop productive marketing strategies to create a viable and effective business plan. Instead of showy gimmicks and stale marketing speak, let’s engage and excite your company’s target customers by giving them the marketing experience they deserve.

MarketingIntel, LLC

Grayson Allen Fine Jewelers

We're the fine jewelry partner you'll trust for years to come while enjoying your exquisitely jeweled creations. Our commitment to unparalleled service in all we do assures your relaxed, confident ownership experience!


Our customer-centered approach to helping you acquire the perfect jewelry piece is a process, not just a purchasing event. We'll spend the time and provide information for you to make an informed decision, as we guide you through a selection process that guarantees a personal connection and lasting value in every loose stone you acquire.


We offer custom jewelry creations, hand picked Designer collections, and a complete array of jewelry services so you'll have no worries of keeping your valuable investments in perfect condition and insured against damage or loss.

At we focus on capturing and documenting the memories, heritage and core values of a you- your knowledge, wisdom, morality, spirituality, patriotism, life lessons, and the people, places, events that you have experienced and which have molded you — in short, what you wish to pass on to your children and grandchildren thus ensuring your history, heritage and legacy are preserved and honored forever.


For company histories, we take a comprehensive inside look at the people, how the business grew and overcame challenges.  We highlight the perspectives of customers, vendors, employees and the leadership team.  We highlight the assets of a company - its culture, traditions, core business values, strategic objectives and the character values of those associated it with.  We detail the past, the present and project a vision for its future.



That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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