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Selling A Yacht? YES Is The Answer

Yachts for sale. At any time there is a proverbial sea of boats for sale.


Almost every yacht and boat is for sale - at the right price of course.  But that means the right price for both the seller and the buyer.

How do you get your right price when buying or selling a boat or yacht?  Your first stop should be Yacht Exchange Services.

For Sale sign on a yacht

YES Yacht Executive Solutions not only serves the long term interests of yacht owners, but their financial advisors and yacht brokers as well. 

Yacht Entertainment Studios offers opportunities in film and television for yachts and yacht owners in which they may participate and profit.


Owning a yacht should have no adverse impact upon your net worth. Done properly, yacht ownership can be financially & personally rewarding.  

Are there any ways to help current yacht owners recover the investment from their existing yacht situations? YES


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Alternatively, there are many yacht brokers willing to help.  But even the best boat broker is transaction oriented.  


With just so much time to allocate each day and being compensated only on closed transactions, yacht brokers must prioritize their limited time and resources to those yachts for sale with the most "motivated" owners- or prospective yacht buyers with the deepest pockets. 

So where do you think you rank in your yacht broker's priority list?

Chances are that even when a broker closes a sale,  unless there is a problem, the broker may not talk again to the buyer or seller for years, or if ever.

Unlike yacht brokers,  our relationship extends beyond just buying or selling a yacht. We are in regular and routine contact with our clients, many of whom may become friends and / or partners.

Thus it is imperative our clients get the right price when buying or selling a boat.  


You could say it matters "a yacht" to us.  Because if our clients cant sell their yacht at the right price over a reasonable time, we have potential solutions available.

When selling a yacht, we can assure our client's full recovery of all yachting expenses- even if we have to buy their yacht ourselves. 

YES, you read that correctly.  And we are not particularly price sensitive either.

          2015 MEMORANDUM General Terms To Buy Partners’ Existing Yachts


"Expecting many Profit Partners may also have current yachts they wish to sell before buying another yacht, enclosed for review and discussion are general examples of the current  opportunities for Partners to quickly and profitably sell to us yachts they currently own.

Buying yachts The Wall Street Way, combines strategies originally created for problem banking assets with LBO / private equity and other financial strategies to reasonably generate superior risk adjusted returns - safe, secure, and predictable five (5) year IRRs ranging between 20% and 40% should be reasonably assured with new yacht purchases.


However, when Partners have existing yachts to sell, much greater IRRs’ should be relatively common and generally expected".

That is just part of our Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership services for our clients and partners.


And even new clients can qualify to include the purchase of their current yacht as part of their Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership strategy going forward.


If our clients can't sell their yachts - at their asking price - then we have programs that enable us to buy our client's yacht as part of the grand strategy.


That is what Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership is all about.

Obviously we can't do this for everyone, only for clients and as a precept of an accepted Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership strategy.


From our perspective, helping a client sell his yacht to recover 100% of his all in yacht costs - purchase price and operational - is no different than helping a client bank recover the original loan value on their distressed or problem assets.  Neither client needs to take a hit to their net worth.


So if you ask, “What can YES Yacht Executive Solutions do for me as a yacht owner that my other “advisors”, yacht broker, banker, CPA, attorney, financial advisor, wealth manager, etc. can’t?”


If necessary, our services can include buying our client's yachts to prevent them from taking a loss and preserving their net worth.


YES is obviously different. 


How many other yacht brokers or other advisors even care if you take a loss on the sale of your yacht?


We have various programs that can enable us to purchase our clients yachts and preserve their net worth.


Our ability to provide proprietary programs and customized, comprehensive and coordinated solutions for the unique economic and financial objectives of each individual yacht owner – enables us to offer substantial long-term value to yacht owners - long after the enthusiasm of the initial yacht transaction has waned.


YES Yacht Executive Solutions has been specifically created with the luxury yacht owner in mind – yacht ownership from the yacht owner’s long term perspective.


Rather than fee or transaction based, our compensation is largely determined by our clients’ long term financial success.  In this case, minimizing any adverse impacts that yacht ownership may have on a client’s net worth.  Our goal is for yacht ownership to be net worth neutral or even profitable.


We take more of an investment banking philosophy when working with our clients, strategic partners, yacht owners, brokers, and advisors.  Not only do we help structure and facilitate transactions that can get to that immediate YES and closed – but we maintain long term mutually beneficial relationships. 





That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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