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About Us

Please forgive our inartful transition from exclusivity private client referral relationships.  


We historically accepted new clients only by referral   However, we.could simply no longer stand by and allow the continued and increasingly unbridled exploitation of yacht owners - when we have solutions that so many are desperately seeking.

Nevertheless, since our business model is to provide clients and partners with a competitive information advantage we have to be very judicious in disclosing any unnecessary information or confidential trade secrets.

Likewise, we and most of our clients and partners - with a few exceptions - seek to keep a low profile, especially in this age of meritless litigation and rampant identity theft.

Prudence and professional ethics requires that the process of determining what to disclose publicly to non-clients is slow, thorough, and methodical.

In the mean time, if you would like additional information about YES, our services, or how we may be able to help you achieve your financial, tax, wealth preservation goals and objectives while maximizing your yachting lifestyle, please contact us for a confidential conversation.  We realize contacting us for additional information may be an initial inconvenience at the moment, but  as a client you will appreciate these protections.


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