Yacht Professionals

It is always wise to know who and what you are up against, and, who is in your corner.  It is always good to have a good hole card you can count on.


In keeping with the gambling analogy, when it comes to the IRS and paying your taxes or especially taking some yachting related tax deductions , that is not a good time to bluff.  No you need to be holding all the cards and a good hole card you can count on.


In poker, a Royal Flush is an unbeatable hand. But it takes all five cards - the exact right five cards - to make an unbeatable hand.  If just one card is missing, you have nothing - you lose. 


As mentioned before, in business, you can often get by if you have enough skill, with only three of a kind.  But when trying to make yacht ownership profitable - as you already know - it usually requires a stronger hand. That is why we created YES Yacht Executive Solutions for yacht owners.


But we also realize some yacht owners, while financially successful up until now with only a pair of deuces, may now  need to "draw some additional cards" other than just YES.


So for yacht owners that may want to add some other professionals with specific yachting experience, we suggest the following may be helpful as a starting point.

Maverick playing poker

Aldersgate Advisors is different from most other financial “advisors” and wealth managers as it offers unique scientific insights and Christian perspectives that take the best of conventional wealth management to the next level – to maximize both short and long term prosperity.

Action Donation Services® specializes in high value yacht and boat donations and securing for donors the maximum legal tax deduction.

By donating your boat, yacht or ship, you avoid these costly expenses. There are no sale commissions to pay and the entire transaction is complete by me in a few days. You do not have to wait six months or a year to find out that your net return is far less than you expected.

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ROSCIOLI YACHTING CENTER, INC. represents a state-of- the art, multi-million dollar, full service yachting facility. Over a hundred men and women make up the Roscioli Team. They are skilled carpenters, electricians, welders, fabricators, captains, painters, mechanics, sandblasters, interior designers, furniture makers and propulsion specialists - all masters of their trade. All projects are managed by project managers.

We extend an invitation to you to take a tour of our state-of- the-art facilities. If you would like to discuss renovations, storage or repairs to your yacht, we welcome your call.

With over 100 offices and over 4,000 associates in major metropolitan areas and suburban cities throughout the U.S. CBIZ/MHM (NYSE: CBZ) iis one of the largest providers of a broad range of top-level tax, financial and business services to organizations of all sizes, as well as individual clients, by providing national-caliber expertise combined with highly personalized service delivered at the local level.  For example, corporations agree CBIZ Valuation Group’s resources and industry knowledge make it one of the most sought after valuation service firms in the United States.  Individuals can learn how to reduce their tax burden by downloading the latest Individual Tax Planning Supplement.

Corppen signals a new direction for yacht owners and marine professionals that expect their marketing efforts to actually enhance their bottom line net profitability. Following Corpen’s new direction can also signal to the IRS a yacht owner with a legitimate profit motive willing to make a change in search of greater profitability and not just a yacht owner with a hobby, content with annual losses as just part of the expense of enjoying the yachting lifestyle.


Endorsed by the National Tourism Authority of Panama, ESP can provide all of your security needs for corporate executives, celebrities and tourists.

Bayano Shipyard is one of the few full service private shipyards in Panama and the region, servicing all types of vessels from commercial to leisure. The shipyard understands the importance of reliability, performance and minimal downtime for the customer.

Moore & Company

The lawyers of Moore & Co. have more than 30 years of experience specializing in the areas of maritime law, art law, and aviation law. With that extensive knowledge, our law firm in Miami (Coral Gables), Florida services clients throughout the world in these three highly specialized industries

We are dedicated to providing you with complete satisfaction through all phases of your donation and we are able to accept donations from anywhere in the United States or abroad. We are a fund raiser for HANDY Inc. (Helping Abused, Neglected, Disadvantaged Youth), which is a critical resource for children in Broward County's Child Protection System. Please visit them at www.handyinc.org to see all the services they provide.

The marine and admiralty part of his practice focuses largely on the construction, purchase, financing, and ownership and operation of yachts and aircraft in the United States, Caribbean, and Europe.

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