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Yachts And More



The yachting lifestyle encompasses much more than just the actual purchase and enjoyment of a yacht.


Many of the YES strategies have broad application beyond the obvious yachting uses, and can help with other areas of interest or concern for a yacht owner.


In fact, many of our strategies actually had their genesis solving the problems in other industries.  We have only relatively recently tailored these strategies specifically to the unique needs of yacht owners.


Most of our strategies work equally well, irrespective of the actual underlying asset.

There is nothing so unique about yachts or the yachting industry that these strategies don’t have other applications.  


As far as most advisors (and the IRS for that matter) are concerned, many “asset purchases / investments” including yachts are often seen only as expensive “hobbies” – an unavoidable hit to most clients’ net worth with little chance of economic recovery.

From our perspective, our strategies work equally well for yachts and many other assets that other advisors may consider “problem assets.” Horses are a classic example, but are not the most extreme application.


Making yacht ownership net worth neutral is not much different than making the ownership of any other assets net worth neutral.   Most of these potential "problem assets" tend to have similar attributes, and thus share similar solutions.


So while yachting is a lifestyle, many yacht owners and their families will also have multiple passions – beyond just yachting.


Fortunately many of these strategies can help yacht owners and their families more easily afford all of their other non-yachting interests and pursuits.


So whatever your other passions may be, whatever you do when not on your yacht- art, wine and fine dining, collectibles, horses, charity, cars, money, travel or just making more money / the thrill of the deal – why not explore ours – or our affiliates’ strategies to see if they can help you achieve your goals?



Kentucky Derby
Fine Wine Luxury LIfestyle

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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