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Carlton A. Morris R. is a serial entrepreneur with many successes over his 30+ year career in various businesses across the United States, Europe and Panama.


After serving as the National Marketing Director for an International franchise company with 13,000+ franchises worldwide and personally selling over 300 franchises around the world for this company, Carlton ventured on his own in the same industry and opened offices in Miami, FL; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA and Houston, Texas.  He owned this business for over 10 years and the business grew to 179 operating franchises company-wide. 

While his wife was the tour manager for rock group Deep Purple, Carlton stumbled upon a Yachting business in Sydney, Australia and became partners with the founder of The Cruising Club, a Fractional Yacht Ownership company based there with 30+ yachts in their international fleet of boats.  During the worldwide recession Carlton operated a charter company based in Dallas, Texas catering to charter guests aboard his 92’ Houseboat and other yachts.   


In 2013 Carlton was instrumental in founding and the establishment of YES – Yacht Executive Solutions with business partner Scott Crabtree.


Carlton is originally from the Republic of Panama where he spent 24 years.  He now lives and works in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and has 2 children, Carlton and Gabriella.  

Scott Crabtree is a consulting managerial economist. For more than a quarter of a century, he has creatively applied economic theory to successfully resolve many of the most difficult challenges confronting individual investors, investment funds, public and private companies, domestic and international financial institutions, and governments.


Generally speaking, all economists are social scientists trained to study the economic, financial, and political systems, model them, and understand how they function, should function, and could function more efficiently, identify market inefficiencies as well as how to exploit the opportunities created by those market inefficiencies.

Managerial or business economists are specialists in applied economics. They differ from other tax, legal, investment, business professionals and even other economists, in that managerial economists are uniquely educated in scientific methods to obtain relevant information, to critically evaluate and interpret information, predict the most likely resulting behavior, investment, or purchase, then to design strategies to maximize these opportunities. They take economic theory, and provide their clients with competitive advantages to improve the real world bottom line.


Over the years, a diverse clientele has benefitted from unsurpassed analytical and creative problem solving abilities (testing in the 99th percentile), including high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, senior level corporate managers in public, private and non-profit corporations, CPA’s, attorneys, banks (both domestic and foreign – investment and commercial), investment partnerships and funds, governments and individual investors on a broad range of financial, economic, tax, international trade, regulatory, and business issues necessary for improved operating efficiencies, bottom line responsibilities and wealth maximization.


A lecturer on international trade, nationally published author of investment, banking, economic, venture capital and corporate finance articles with membership in the American Economic Association, the National Association of Business Economist, and the Association of Christian Economist, he has specific expertise with strategic planning, mergers, venture capital, tax, banking, investments, international trade, economic development, healthcare, technology, reorganizations / turnarounds, legal liability, damage models, legislation, regulation, etc.


However, following the passing of his father, beginning around 1999 he started to redirect and broaden his economic consulting to include a more comprehensive approach beyond just traditional wealth management and maximization to focus on actual prosperity.


With an emphasis on more philanthropic and benevolent pursuits he now is able to provide more comprehensive and coordinated strategies for high net worth / high income individuals and families that also include their taxes, charitable giving, and stewardship.


As an advocate for the affluent and sensitive to the unique needs of the wealthy, he recognized boating and yachting offered a special recreational activity for affluent families: one that can be enjoyed by almost everyone of any age, at any activity level – from leisurely sipping Champagne to strenuously sailing, swimming or diving, and with relative privacy.


Thus when he met Carlton A. Morris R. and learned more specifically of the problems confronting yacht owners and the industry in general, he concluded that many of his economic and financial solutions could be applied for the benefit of yacht owners.


Now as a founder and Managing Director of Yacht Executive Solutions the same economic and financial expertise usually available only to the largest of financial, banking, corporate, and government entities, is available to provide customized financial, tax, economic, and wealth maximizing solutions for yacht owners and their families in order to support and facilitate the yachting lifestyle.


That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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