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I remember a college professor in a business ethics course comparing the ethics of business to those of playing poker. 


Success at business and cards involves both luck and skill.  You have to play the cards you are dealt, but some play better than others.  Every hand is a potential winner and every hand is a potential loser. It can be helpful to play the odds - so you need to be able to know the probabilities. 


If you take big risks, you can will big, but you more often will lose.


It takes a minimum amount of money just to get in the game. The more money you start with is an advantage, but it is no predictor or success. There are clear rules, you have to play fair, but a certain amount of "puffery", "bluffing", "hedging", "less than 100% honesty 100% of the time, is allowed within the rules - at least up to a point. 


Knowing when the other guy is being honest and truthful-or to what extent- is even an essential part of the game up to a point.  But go too far, push the acceptable limits, often enough - you will lose, get a bad reputation - and no one will play with you or they will take all of your money. Violate the rules - cheat - well everyone knows what happens to card cheats!


And when it comes to the IRS and paying your taxes, that is not a good time to bluff.  No you need to be holding the cards.


In poker, a Royal Flush is an unbeatable hand. But it takes all five cards - the exact right five cards - to make an unbeatable hand.  If just one card is missing, you have nothing - you are loser. 


In business, you can often get by if you enough skill, with only three of a kind.  But when trying to make yacht ownership profitable - as you already know - it usually requires a stronger hand. That is why we created YES Yacht Executive Solutions for yacht owners.


But we also realize some yacht owners, while some yacht owners have been financially successful up until now with only two pairs of only two of a kind, may now  need to "draw some additional cards" other than just YES.


So for yacht owners that may need some other additions, we provide the following as a courtesy.

Royal Flush

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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