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Why YES Yacht Executive Solutions

We have long been advocates for the affluent and sympathetic to their unique  challenges.  The many benefits of boat ownership and time spent on the water with their loved ones can offer a special respite .  A sort of aqua therapy for them and their families.


Our mission is to encourage and facilitate greater boating participation and yacht ownership.  We help promote and enhance the yachting lifestyle by making it more affordable and often profitable - and thus more rewarding.

When Scott Crabtree with more than 25 years as a consulting managerial economist assisting banks, companies, funds, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives to minimize their taxes and maximize their net worth, was introduced to Carlton A. Morris R., fractional yacht ownership, and the proven protocols from years of successful international fractional yacht ownership programs – they recognized the need for new unique solutions to the economic uncertainties confronting yacht owners, executives, and professionals. 

As good as fractional ownership may be for some, owners still lost money, just not as much as they might have with more traditional forms of yacht ownership and charter.

They knew there were better, superior forms and structures to make  boat ownership and the yachting lifestyle economically sustainable - even profitable.


They saw little if any evidence of any others in the industry with the abilities or even the interest to preserve their yachting client’s net worth or anyone willing to offer the comprehensive long term services and additional products they and their strategic partners could offer. 


They realized that while generally all aspects of the marine, boating, and yachting industry could use some assistance, the needs of many luxury yacht owners were being largely ignored and poorly served.  The needs of the more discriminating yacht owner often requires a more personalized, tailored, and sophisticated  yacht solution that few in the yacht and financial industries seem willing or able to provide.


They asked,


Is there a need to reduce the economic uncertainties of yacht ownership? 


Are there methods to provide yacht owners with the yacht of their dreams – that could be net worth neutral – so that owning a yacht would not adversely affect our client’s net worth?


Can we provide solutions that are not generally offered by other tax, legal and financial advisers?  Can we bring something new and unique to the client and his team?


Are there other business and economic strategies whereby a luxury yacht can even be profitable in some cases?  


Can we help yacht owners and the yacht industry in general to prosper?


The research always led to the same answer……. YES.

YES Yacht Executive Solutions.

TAX SAVINGS_edited.jpg

YES Yacht Executive Solutions not only serves the long term interests of yacht owners, but their financial advisors and yacht brokers as well. 


YES Yachting provides substantially superior alternatives to the various forms of fractional yacht ownership being offered today.

Build the Yacht of Your Dreams in a way that is Net Worth Neutral

Yacht Entertainment Studios offers opportunities in film and television for yachts and yacht owners in which they may participate and profit.


Owning a yacht should have no adverse impact upon your net worth. Done properly, yacht ownership can be financially & personally rewarding.  

Are there any ways to help current yacht owners recover the investment from their existing yacht situations? YES


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That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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