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Net Worth Neutral & Profitable Yacht Ownership

We are committed to developing strategies that provide net worth neutral yacht ownership and ultimately profitable yacht ownership.  


By that we mean,  starting from the date of purchase, owning a yacht should have no adverse impact upon your net worth. If done properly, yacht ownership should be financially as well as personally rewarding.  


There is no single universal strategy to net worth neutral yacht ownership.    Each strategy is uniquely tailored to meet the specific goals and objectives of each individual client and to provide a superior alternative to traditional forms of yacht ownership.

Traditional Yacht Ownership 


For example, conventional wisdom is that when a yacht owner buys a new yacht, he could reasonably expect to lose up to 50% over the next five years in depreciation alone.  That's $500,000 after tax dollars for every $1,000,000 of yacht purchase price.


Plus all of the other operating and ancillary costs of owning and maintaing a yacht which can easily surpass 10% per year.


While there may be some limited ways that attempt to defray some of those costs, such as charter etc, it is just generally accepted by most advisors and yacht owners that the substantial expenses and decrease to the owner's net worth are just the necessary price of enjoying the yachting lifestyle.


yacht operational costs
Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership 


Just as the name implies, it suggests strategies that provide yacht ownership with no long term adverse impacts to net worth.


The strategies employed depend on the unique situation and objective of each yacht owner.  


Most yacht owners would be pleased if their yachting lifestyle would just break even and become net worth neutral over the long term.  How about in just a couple of years?   But why wait?   

Profitable Yacht Charter
Profitable Yacht Ownership 


If done properly, Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership can become Profitable Yacht Ownership - starting from your first day of owning your yacht.  That includes the purchase of new or used yachts as well.

Profitable Yacht Ownership

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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