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YES Yacht Executive Solutions not only serves the long term interests of yacht owners, but their financial advisors and yacht brokers as well. 

YES Yachting provides substantially superior alternatives to the various forms of fractional yacht ownership being offered today.

Build the Yacht of Your Dreams in a way that is Net Worth Neutral

Yacht Entertainment Studios offers opportunities in film and television for yachts and yacht owners in which they may participate and profit.


Owning a yacht should have no adverse impact upon your net worth. Done properly, yacht ownership can be financially & personally rewarding.  

Are there any ways to help current yacht owners recover the investment from their existing yacht situations? YES


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The YES Advantage

Our ability to provide proprietary programs and customized, comprehensive and coordinated solutions for the unique economic and financial objectives of each individual yacht owner – enables us to offer substantial long-term value to yacht owners - long after the enthusiasm of the initial yacht transaction has waned.


​One of the problems with conventional yacht ownership is that in the passion and excitement of closing the deal, too often, emotions rule.  The buyer and the broker want to close the transaction as soon as possible for the optimum price – which often later leads to remorse, regret, unnecessary costs, and expenses – and an overall negative long term experience. 


YES Yacht Executive Solutions has been specifically created with the luxury yacht owner in mind – yacht ownership from the yacht owner’s long term perspective.


So it’s fair to ask, “What can YES Yacht Executive Solutions do for me as a yacht owner that my other “advisors”, banker, CPA, attorney, financial advisor, wealth manager, yacht broker, etc can’t?”


Most financial, tax and legal advisors too often see yacht ownership only as an unnecessary extravagance and sure money loser for their client and for them personally – since the money paid for the yacht could be money they would have otherwise been compensated to manage. 


It is the rare conventional financial advisor that sees any value in his clients owning yachts and even fewer that know how to make yacht ownership net worth neutral or even profitable for their clients.   That is beyond their interest and training.


It is also not surprising - just human nature - that most yacht brokers and investment advisers tend to care more about their children than their clients’ children.  So for some yacht transactions, it would not be unrealistic to consider that some “advisors” may not always have interests that are 100% in sync with those of the prospective yacht owner’s.


YES is different.


First, we are advocates of both the affluent and boating. We believe boating remains one of the best leisure activities for families to enjoy together – and especially so for the wealthy. 


Wealth and economic success frequently come at a high personal price - requiring extensive time demands away from loved ones while ironically providing them with the financial resources for spouses and children to participate in many less desirable leisure and “recreational” activities.


Unfortunately, many of these alternative leisure and recreational activities can have lifelong adverse and sometimes tragic consequences. Therefore, finding the proper and attractive family activity that everyone can enjoy together and will not outgrow – such as yachting - is critically important!


What is the value of leisure time spent with loved ones?  Priceless.


Second, rather than fee or transaction based, our compensation is largely determined by our clients’ long term financial success.  In this case, minimizing any adverse impacts that yacht ownership may have on a client’s net worth.  Our goal is for yacht ownership to be net worth neutral or even profitable.


We take more of an investment banking philosophy when working with our clients, strategic partners, yacht owners, brokers, and advisors.  Not only do we help structure and facilitate transactions that can get to that immediate YES and closed – but we maintain long term mutually beneficial relationships. 


We don’t replace any current advisor, we just help everyone work smarter so that we can achieve the ultimate goal of quickly getting the client to YES, closing the deal, and remaining satisfied and net worth neutral.



That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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