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YES Is The Answer For Brokers & Advisors

YES Yacht Executive Solutions not only serves the long term interests of yacht owners, but also compliments the current advisory team: attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers and yacht brokers as well. 


YES makes yacht ownership and the yachting lifestyle prudent wealth management.  With YES everyone is happy as costs are replaced with cash flow, they can become almost a non-issue.


A happy, satisfied, more prosperous yacht owner is more likely to continue the yachting lifestyle, and more likely to buy larger yachts if the purchase is economically justifiable and does not adversely impact his net worth. 

Happy satisfied yacht owners that don't worry about any adverse economic consequences of owning a yacht should result in more yachts purchased,  larger more expensive yachts being purchased, which means more commissions paid to yacht brokers, and a healthier yachting industry.

Brokers protect client relationships. Register with YES before others do without you.


While we seek to work closely with yacht brokers, and financial advisors, we are not yacht brokers or investment advisors ourselves and should not be confused as such.  


We don’t compete with any advisors, but rather make current advisors more productive and efficient in providing services to our joint clients.

Few investment, legal or tax advisors are proficient when working with non financial assets – especially yachts.   Likewise no one expects yacht brokers to be tax or economic experts. You can't blame them - it's not their job. 


Most professionals are actually prohibited from even expressing opinions on areas beyond their areas of competence.


Nevertheless, the yachting lifestyle can sometimes be a point of conflict between advisors and passionate clients with costly pursuits.  A long term relationship can quickly "go south", from good, to bad, to ugly.

YES Yacht Executive Solutions helps advisors better serve their clients for everyone's benefit.

If owning a yacht can be net worth neutral and cash flow positive, that means a client with more cash to invest since it was not spent to buy a yacht and a client that will not lose money when he sells a depreciated asset in the future.  In short, a wealthier client.  And isn’t that the primary role of a financial advisor?   


A wealthier client means more assets for the advisor to manage, more fees for the advisor, and thus a wealthier advisor.   That is good for all.


YES plays a substantially different role than most fee based advisors.  We strive to assure there are no “bad” transactions or to recast and restructure what may have been or had the potential to be a “bad” transaction into a “good” transaction.


Our work is not over when the transaction closes. We expect to live with the consequences of each of our transactions – along with our clients for up to five years or so after the closing- since that is often the bulk of our compensation. 


Since we align our financial interest with our clients – we have strong incentives to only participate in good transactions – those that benefit and satisfy our clients over the long run.  But what is good for the client is ultimately good for everyone else.

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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