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Yachts of all sizes for possible FREE repairs, upgrades, and maintenance as partial compensation for filming of proposed yacht construction and rehab production.

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YES can show you how to help yourself by helping others. 

Has your charter operation made

you a target for an IRS audit?

Avoid the charter audit trap.

Yacht ownership- Luxury lifestyle expense or the ultimate liquid investment.


Owning a yacht should have no adverse impact upon your net worth.   

Are there any ways to help current yacht owners recover the investment from their existing yacht situations? YES


YES Yacht Entertainment Studios has various opportunities in the domestic and international film and television production industry for yachts and yacht owners in which they may participate and profit.




various yachting lifestyle television and film projects:

  • Yachts, as set locations,

  • Yacht Owners, friends and family,

  • Yacht Captains, and crew,

  • Yacht Brokers, individuals and corporate,

  • Other industry professionals and,

  • Anyone interested in the luxury lifestyle.


As sourcing agents, we are always looking for new and used yachts to serve as locations and sets for various projects and productions.


Yacht owners and or their family and friends that are so interested may also have opportunities to appear in films.


From time to time YES Yacht Entertainment Studios may also participate in film and television production as principals and producers in numerous projects ourselves or in collaboration with others which may also require the use of yachts as locations and sets.


Yacht Entertainment Studios, the Aqua Television Network, Eterne Films, and other affiliates currently have a wide range of roles and opportunities both behind and in front of the cameras available in various television and film projects for all genres of sport enthusiasts or anyone that just enjoys all that the yachting lifestyle has to offer.


We are also looking to develop good ideas into profitable projects.

Generally speaking, Yacht Entertainment Studios’ projects examine all aspects of the affluent lifestyle and especially yachting and yacht ownership.  These current projects encourage and promote the yachting lifestyle by portraying the industry and those that enjoy the lifestyle in a very favorable light to a very targeted and sophisticated demographic.


We strive for a variety of informative and entertaining projects of which everyone involved can be proud.  The projects more or less, tend to be pro-business, pro-family, pro-American values. 


The economic compensation and tax benefits will vary depending on the role and project but can be significant. Modern production equipment and techniques can minimize risk and inconvenience yet without compromising the promise of substantial immediate and long term financial rewards.

Obviously when we are in decision making positions, we will prefer our clients when appropriate and practicable.


If you are interested in learning more about how you may receive income and the other potential benefits from having your yacht serve as a location or set for film or television production,  or if you, a family member or friend may be interested in appearing in a film, or if you would care to partner with us in future productions, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

A Sample Of Current Projects:

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?