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For the best deals on luxury cars, the rules of the road have changed. Don't be a loser. Stop losing money needlessly on luxury automobiles. Don't let tax reform or 1031 exchange limits slow you down or wreck your financial plans. Become a winner.  Let us show you the best kept car secrets of the super wealthy.

The smart money knows how to drive the best cars, not lose money, and maybe even make some.


Luxury automobiles, like yachts and  other alternative assets, properly structured, can now be a "winning tax strategy" and a

very profitable passion.


Applying these auto strategies can be an essential element of prudent wealth management to keep your financial future on the right track.

Sir Richard Branson

Whether you are looking for-

  • your dream car,

  • exotic entertainment,

  • a "deal" on a daily driver,

  • or to cash out on a collection of classics,

Founder - Virgin Group

YES Enhanced Services - Autos is the answer.

The same strategies that make yacht ownership Net Worth Neutral - even profitable, can change the economics of the luxury lifestyle.  The Net Worth Neutral strategies can be applied to almost any alternative asset - yachts, horses, real estate, and YES luxury automobiles.

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 We don't broker or sell cars. We just make them more valuable. 

While we don't sell cars, we do know some of the industry leaders. So if you can't find what you are looking for through your own efforts, we me may know someone that can help.


As economic professionals, our role is as a resource of proprietary structures and strategies for buyers and sellers to procure the best price, to quickly get to "YES", and a closed sale.   


With the proper structuring, tailored to the specifics of each transaction and the individual parties, we can largely make pricing almost a non- issue.

  • Most can effectively reduce their net after tax automobile expense by 30 -  50%.  

  • Many will do better than that and "break even" with little if any net after tax auto expense.

  • Some may actually even earn a profit for driving their dream and investing in luxury automobiles.

So now, exactly what's preventing you from driving your dream?

The yachting lifestyle encompasses much more than just yachts. YES Enhanced Services considers luxury automobile ownership as part of our inclusive client services.  However now YES offers the luxury auto services as a stand alone service for non yachting clients.  


Thus before starting the process of buying any luxury asset, a yacht or luxury auto, we suggest every prospective  purchaser consider the following.

If you could be certain:

  • You could own almost any vehicle with little if any expenditure – so your purchase could be 100% financed,

  • Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible to reduce taxes against your other income,

  • It would provide positive annual cash flow, sufficient to more than cover all annual expenses,

  • Your purchase and luxury lifestyle would have NO negative impact to your long term net worth,

  • Long term you could actually earn net profits,

  • You could secure an option today that assures a profitable exit strategy, and

  • The ability to responsibly give something back to society and contribute to the greater good of humanity.


Then, under those conditions, what if anything would prevent you from pursuing your passion?

One final question. Under those same terms and conditions – again if you could be satisfactorily certain of those terms – then how might you change your automotive investment?

We applaud the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as the most sweeping tax reform in over 30 years.  However we recognize it will be disruptive to many.  Many of the old ways of doing things simply don't work as well - if at all. 


There will certainly be some winners and some losers.  Some will navigate these changes better than others.

TCJA left most of our strategies unscathed and even provided additional opportunities.  Accordingly, we have some special programs for those high income earners whose primary compensation is ordinary income - and especially those in high tax states.  These programs should be particularly attractive to various professionals: athletes, attorneys, advisors, entertainers, physicians, corporate executives, and business owners, etc. that may have lost many of their previous tax deductions.

Investors in collectible cars have long enjoyed the tax benefits of section 1031 exchanges to defer any tax liabilities.  Now with 1031 exchanges limited only to real estate, many owners of collectible cars face difficult choices.  They have substantial sums of equity and profits locked up in their auto investments and face a significant tax liability if they elect to sell any cars.


Fortunately, TCJA and the 1031 limitations are little more than inconvenient detours-minor course corrections. We know of other routes that can get your financial plan and auto investments back on track and in the winner's circle.

There are 3 ways to be certain you have the best deal.

  • Contact YES to learn how Yacht Enhanced Services can put you in your dream car at dream prices.

  • Work with a YES affiliated auto dealer to locate the car you want and then contact YES

  • Conduct your own search for your dream car before contacting YES.


But as discussed above, we don’t recommend options 2 or 3 since once you learn of how much car you can now afford, you might want to buy another - different vehicle which by following options 2 or 3 may result in wasting a lot of your, your broker's, and another car owner's time.    


We believe the sooner you start working with YES Yacht Executive Solutions, the more rewarding and less taxing your auto experience.   

UsienCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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