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A "Yacht" More For A lot Less

 (As much as 20% to 50% less)


YES Yacht Executive Solutions is about more than just yachts.


Our strategies can have broad applications and significant affects upon all aspects of the yachting lifestyle – and in maximizing a yacht owner’s long term net worth.


Since most of our strategies work equally well – if not better with many other assets, we suggest yacht owners might find special synergies and savings through some our special coordinated programs.


For that matter your jet, luxury automobiles, horses, real estate, collectible wines, etc; almost any asset can qualify for one or more of the net worth neutral strategies - with expected savings ranging from 20% - 50%!

As an example, helicopters are becoming a highly desired and preferred accessory by many yacht owners.


For the busy professional time is money. For many others, their leisure time on the yacht is at a premium so a helicopter can provide real value. Helicopters certainly do make nice yacht tenders. However, they are not necessarily inexpensive to acquire and crew – unless the yacht owner is also a pilot.


Consequently may we suggest, for the right yacht owner and under certain conditions, if the yacht can be net worth neutral, there is no reason why the helicopter can’t also.


And so can the yacht owner's pursuits of other passions such as the purchase / investment of luxury exotic automobiles, wine collections, etc.


These strategies enable yacht owners to pursue their interests or substantially upgrade their normal purchases at significant savings, all with little or no adverse consequences to their long term net worth.


For many yacht owners, the thoughtful coordinated application of these net worth neutral strategies can therefore substantially enhance the yachting lifestyle well beyond their yachts while preserving and protecting their net worth.

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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