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Want to take your equestrian lifestyle to a new level?

Regardless of the breed, equine discipline or your current position:

  • casual horse owner,

  • serious competitor,

  • industry professional,

  • equine entrepreneur,

  • trainer, breeder, or charity, ​​

YES can take you to new levels by
ensuring your equine endeavors are more enjoyable and rewarding.

We start by mitigating most if not all the economic uncertainties and financial risks of the horse business & traditional horse ownership. Including IRS audit risk.

Then we make it cash flow positive and profitable.

Amazing how much more enjoyable horses are when the economics are solved.

Obviously there is always the substantial human element of horse ownership: the individual objectives of the owner, the skill of the rider, and the resources available.

But generally speaking solving your equine economics, should provide more horses, which should be of higher athletic quality, and with more and better training resulting in a more rewarding equine experience and even safer horses.

That's all the more important considering the numbers of children that ride and compete.

Horses that are safer to ride and safer from an investment / ownership perspective.

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With our NET WORTH NEUTRAL smart money strategies, horse ownership will never be the same.  We can totally change the dynamics and any conversation about the equestrian lifestyle.

The same strategies that make the yachting lifestyle profitable, cash flow positive, prudent wealth management can do the same for you and your equestrian lifestyle.

If our clients / partners don't make a profit, neither do we.


We take more of an investment banking philosophy when working with our clients, strategic partners, horse owners, equine entrepreneurs and industry professionals.  Not only do we help structure and facilitate transactions that can get to that immediate YES and closed – but we maintain long term mutually beneficial and profitable relationships.

Our ability to provide proprietary programs and customized, comprehensive and coordinated solutions for the unique economic and financial objectives of each individual client – enables us to offer substantial long-term value to clients - long after the enthusiasm and excitement of the initial transaction has waned.

Our objective is to ensure that our clients can afford to enjoy their passions over the long term- whether that be the yachting lifestyle, the equestrian lifestyle- or both.


Likewise it is not good for industry professionals if their clients are constantly leaving the industry because of economic issues.

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 YES Is Your Equine Solution

  • What could you accomplish if your equine economic issues were solved?

  • What if your horse business produced predictable profits and positive cash flows?

  • What if owning horses & the equestrian lifestyle had no negative, adverse affect on your net worth?

2023-04-20 (37)_edited.jpg

For those equine enthusiasts that may be new to YES Yacht Executive Solutions, we invite you to review our web site and simply substitute horse for yacht when viewing the pages.


For from our perspective, and as explained herein, there is little economic or strategic difference between boats and horses, and the owners of such tend to share many of the same characteristics.

 New Challenges Are New Opportunities

Consistently earning a net after tax profit will likely become even more difficult. Now with the growing political commitment to climate justice and making sure the most affluent and successful pay their fair share.

Not only do U S political leaders promise to eliminate most of the tax incentives exploited - many say abused - by some horse owners, but also plan greater tax compliance enforcement action with more IRS audits of selected groups.

2023-04-20 (57)_edited.jpg

Thus, horse ownership in general, but especially every horse business, is sure to become more challenging and more expensive via higher fuel costs, substantial new taxes, higher tax rates, increased regulation and IRS tax compliance audits - all with the priority of reducing CO2 emissions.

YES could be your answer.


Those selected for greater tax audits surely include many horse owners and business owners.

2023-04-20 (44)_edited.jpg

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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