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Smarter Charter

the "sea - crets" of smart money

Woman reading a book on a yacht

Save up to 50% to charter the world’s most luxurious yachts  and jets - just as some of the wealthiest have done for decades.


Smarter Charter enables select YES clients to charter yachts and jets at much lower net costs than they could likely negotiate otherwise.


Expected net savings when chartering a yachts and jets should range from at least 20% to 50% and possibly even more- depending on the client and the yacht or jet.


Sort of like the difference between wholesale and retail pricing or when you receive a rebate.


Smarter Charter enhances the value of traditional charter and expands the charter market to include those that might not otherwise consider yacht and jet charter as a viable recreational option.


It also enables the experienced yacht charterer to significantly upscale their next yacht charter.

Not All Charter Is The Same

Smarter Charter for yacht and jet owners is an enhanced  proprietary management protocol that allows owners with yachts and jets in charter to significantly reduce their costs of ownership and operations while maximizing profits.

Can you maximize net profits by actually chartering less. YES



Smart Charter for yacht charter brokers creates a more efficient yacht charter market, at reduced costs and greater profits resulting in more yacht charter transactions.  Good for yacht charter brokers compensated by commissions.

How can we provide such savings?


The traditional yacht charter industry is woefully inefficient.  This provides opportunities for us to exploit for our clients' / partners' to benefit. 

There are many fine management companies and charter brokers whose primary focus is to market charter as a way to generate some income for a yacht or jet owner to defray some of the expense of ownership. 


However, few if any ever address actual net after tax charter profits.


Yacht charter brokers are usually commissioned and compensated by the frequency and the price the owner receives for each charter. 

Too Good To Be True?

Branson Yes.png

At YES, we are not in the charter business, but the net worth business for clients that enjoy the yachting lifestyle. 


Consequently, we don’t view yacht charter as a primary source of income.  We provide Smart Charter as simply an included service to our clients and partners.

As economists presenting new opportunities, that's a common initial response. Consequently before anyone prematurely dismisses such economical yacht charter savings because their current advisors can’t provide the same or since they have never heard of such, perhaps the following might justify additional inquiry.


Consider for example, that over a 13 year period – one investment advisor beat the S&P 500 by more than 250%.  That’s not too good to be true.  Over 13 years clients of Bessemer Trust earned more than 250% - two and one half times- more than the S&P 500.  Of course the minimum investment was $10,000,000.


Maybe it is not that things are too good to be true, perhaps it is just that most people are not invited to the party.  Remember the wholesale / retail reference.


More recently, an article in The New York Times documents how the wealthiest Americans save billions and enjoy what amounts to their own private tax system. 


Likewise some of the most expensive yachts charter for around $1,000,000 per week. 




There is a reason they call it “smart money”.


Smarter Charter is a revolutionary new program that benefits both customers and providers of luxury yachting charter services.  Unfortunately not everyone qualifies. 


 To learn more, please contact us for a confidential preview and consideration.

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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