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YACHTS FOR SALE - at your price

YES Yacht Exchange Services - Your Ensured Success

When buying or selling any yacht, everyone wants pretty much the same thing:

  • the "best" price,

  • a quick closing,

  • with no hassles,

  • and no regrets.

Yacht Exchange Services – should then be the first stop for everyone considering any type of yacht transaction. Otherwise you're just squandering valuable resources - and wasting your broker's time.

Yacht Exchange Services is unique.  We are not to be confused with yacht brokers.  

Rather as tax, finance, and economic professionals, we help yacht brokers succeed and better serve their clients.


We are a resource that enables yacht buyers and sellers to procure the best price so they can quickly agree, get to a "YES" and a closed sale.   


With the proper structuring, tailored to the specifics of each transaction and the parties, we can essentially make pricing almost a non- issue.

Yacht Exchange Services offers a business perspective to yacht transactions.  Thus before starting the process of buying a yacht, we suggest every prospective yacht purchaser consider these questions.

If you could be certain:

  • You could buy your yacht with essentially no cash out of pocket – so your purchase could be 100% financed,

  • Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible to reduce taxes against your other income,

  • It would provide positive annual cash flow, sufficient to more than cover all annual expenses,

  • Your yacht purchase and yachting lifestyle would have NO negative impact to your long term net worth,

  • Long term you could actually earn net profits,

  • You could secure an option today that assures a profitable exit strategy, and

  • The ability to responsibly give something back to society and contribute to the greater good of humanity.


Then, under those terms and conditions, what if anything would prevent you from buying a yacht?

The second question is much like the first. Under those same terms and conditions – again if you could be satisfactorily certain of those terms – then how big of a yacht would you buy?

In their own words

Clearly YES changes the entire dynamic of buying a yacht.


We successively transform the process from what is otherwise considered simply a luxury lifestyle expense – to a lucrative liquid investment.

Obviously, not everyone chooses all those options, and not everyone can qualify for every strategy, but many can. 


And even when someone may not qualify for the “perfect” scenario, we can still make their yacht ownership more profitable than the alternatives.

How YES makes dreams come true

"I need to sell my current yacht first."

Frankly, the only legitimate reason we believe that might have some merit as to why someone that wants a yacht, and has the means to buy a yacht would have for not buying a yacht under those conditions could be: "I need to sell my current yacht first."

Thus, let’s talk about how to get the best price when selling your yacht, if that is where we may need to start.

Trying to sell a yacht in today’s global marketplace quickly and at a fair price can be frustrating.  Buyers can easily comparison shop all the yachts in the world on line. 

So as a seller, can you:

  • significantly distinguish your yacht from all the others?

  • quickly convey substantial added value to a buyer?

  • assure a fair price for both you and the buyer?


YES, you can, with Yacht Exchange Services. 


As a YES client, we can now register your yacht in Yacht Exchange Services so that the benefits can follow the vessel  much like a maritime lien follows the vessel.  That means that  if someone buys a yacht from a YES client, the new yacht buyer is essentially pre-approved to be accepted as a YES client.

A buyer of your yacht would in essence be a referral from you automatically becoming  eligible under your YES status* for all the many perks and benefits for YES clients including but not limited to those discussed above.


Just the potential tax benefit alone is like a discount or a government subsidy of 30 – 40 up to 50% for buying your yacht- as opposed to some other yacht.  That makes your yacht effectively 30 – 50% cheaper than other comparable yachts.   Plus, if your buyer qualifies for 100% financing,  - which most can- he can save his capital for more productive investments.


How long do you think it would take to sell your current yacht - if you effectively reduced the price the buyer had to pay by 30 -  50%?   Or look at it another way - comparable yachts are effectively 30 - 50% more expensive.

There are 3 ways to proceed.

  • Contact YES about becoming a client and register your yacht in our Yacht Exchange Service

  • Hope to find a yacht for sale that is already enrolled in the Yacht Exchange Service

  • Work with a YES affiliated yacht broker to locate the yacht you want and then contact YES


But as discussed above, we don’t recommend options 2 or 3 since once you learn of how big of yacht you can now afford, you might want to buy another - larger yacht which by following options 2 or 3 may result in wasting a lot of yours, your broker's, and another yacht owner's time.    


We believe the sooner you start working with YES Yacht Executive Solutions, the more rewarding and less taxing your yachting experience.   

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That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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