Can Yacht Charter Be Profitable? YES

But is that even the most important question?

Perhaps a better question may be:

Can Boat Ownership Be Profitable?

Now with YES alternative income strategies to supplement or even replace conventional yacht charter, perhaps there may be some other questions you should ask.

Why are you even considering chartering your yacht?

Yacht charter with consistent, predictable. long term net after tax profits, is a alien concept to most yacht owners, yacht brokers, and yacht charter managers. 


For most yacht owners, actual net profits from yacht charter are little more than some hazy far away dream, a phantom, a fantasy, an illusion they may only fleetingly glimpse now and again or a fairy tale told by an enthusiastic yacht broker eager to close a sale or to convince someone else to fund his inventory of charter vessels. 


Consistent net after tax profitable yacht charter does not even seem to be seriously considered by most yachting or investment professionals.

Or by the Internal Revenue Service for that matter - regardless of what someone selling you a yacht may tell you.


In the highly competitive world of yacht charter, where it seems as almost every other boat is for charter, it is all charter managers and yacht brokers can do just to help mitigate some of the yacht owner's expenses and maybe justify some tax deductions if the yacht owner so dares.

Loss minimization, recouping expenses is NOT profit maximization

​There are a few profitable yacht charter ventures and those that are - vary greatly depending on the vessel and locations.  We find that most yacht owners would prefer NOT to charter but do so in an attempt to recover some of their costs. Thus we are not generally advocates of yacht charter as we believe there are preferred strategies producing greater returns with less risk of becoming an IRS audit trap


But you can't really blame the yacht brokers or charter managers. It is how the yacht charter industry evolved. That's the status quo of yacht charter, just the cost of the yachting lifestyle.  And the powers that be have little incentive to change.


Why should they, they get paid up front for selling a boat, then a commission per charter and maybe general a management fee. They don't have any inventory expense for their charter enterprise as the yacht owner is footing that bill.  After all, they may have sold yacht to the yacht owner, so they are actually doing him a favor to help with the expenses.


Smarter Charter.jpg

Participating yachts can charter all they want, at prices up to 20 - 50% higher, and to a select pre-approved clientele.

Yacht Entertainment Studios offers opportunities in film and TV for yacht owners  profit.

Owning a yacht should have no adverse impact upon your net worth.  

Are there any ways to help current yacht owners recover the investment from their existing yacht situations? YES


However, what if a yacht charter manager or a yacht charter broker, were NOT paid commissions off the top, but rather what if they shared in the net bottom line profits along with the yacht owner?  Or if a yacht could charter all it wanted, at prices 20 - 50% higher and only to a select pre-approved clientele?


Do you think there might be some net bottom line profits then?


So you may be wondering, “How can YES Yacht Executive Solutions make yacht charter profitable when my other “advisors”, yacht charter manager, yacht charter broker, banker, CPA, attorney, financial advisor, wealth manager, etc. can’t?”


YES is different. We have other proprietary programs, strategies, and affiliates. Suffice it to say, we have a different perspective, we don't just sell yacht charter.


We also operate differently.


Rather than fee or transaction based, our compensation is largely determined by our clients’ long term financial success.  In this case, minimizing any adverse impacts that yacht ownership may have on a client’s net worth.  Our goal is for yacht ownership to be net worth neutral or even profitable.

If our clients / partners don't make a profit, neither do we.


We take more of an investment banking philosophy when working with our clients, strategic partners, yacht owners, brokers.  Not only do we help structure and facilitate transactions that can get to that immediate YES and closed – but we maintain long term mutually beneficial and profitable relationships. 


So for owners of charter yachts that desire to charter, our proprietary yacht charter programs, can be profitable.   Very profitable because we share in the net profits.


Our ability to provide proprietary programs and customized, comprehensive and coordinated solutions for the unique economic and financial objectives of each individual yacht owner – enables us to offer substantial long-term value to yacht owners - long after the enthusiasm of the initial yacht transaction has waned.


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