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The Yacht Executive Solution

Your Economic Success depends on YES-Yachting Economic Strategies

Chess is the classic thinking man’s game of strategy and skill.  


To succeed one needs vision and the ability to stay at least one step ahead of the competition.  When one has the correct pieces in the proper position with the right strategy – you win!

The same can be said for business, or for life in general for that matter.

So, what are your current plans?  

Any strategies that can make your yachting lifestyle profitable?

Do you have all the necessary pieces in place, or are you missing some?

Luxury Lifestyle Cigar Cognac

Using those same skills, we provide proprietary customized  strategies to help  our clients, partners, and friends, "win" - however they define it.  


For yacht owners it may be maximizing the yachting lifestyle with minimal cost.   Our goal is for the yachting lifestyle to be as rewarding as possible.

Obviously we acknowledge our solutions are not for everyone.   Not everyone has the vision, and not everyone will qualify.  Unfortunately you just can't have winners without having some losers.

However, just by exploring this site, whether a current yacht owner or just considering a yacht, you are already a winner and have taken the initial steps to reaching your objective. How to get the most out of the yachting lifestyle while maximizing your net worth?


You are probably already accomplished in your own right and recognize what it takes to succeed. Knowing the rules of the game, having the right pieces in place, and developing the right strategies is a formula for success in most endeavors – especially maximizing your wealth while enjoying the yachting lifestyle.


Unfortunately, there is not just one single solution for all yacht owners.


Over the last few years, many of the rules of the game have changed. There is a “new normal”. What used to work, no longer does, or not as well – and it may not in the future. Many wonder if they are properly positioned for what their economic future may hold – and contemplate if there may not be some smarter more efficient moves they have overlooked that get more out of their yachting dollar?


So what’s your next move?

YES Yacht Executive Solutions can show high net worth / high income individuals a new move or two that may help them achieve their financial objectives and remove most of the financial risk and uncertainties usually associated with yacht ownership.


The list of possible solutions is almost limitless and continues to expand.   Our ability to custom tailor solutions to meet the specific goals, objectives and yachting lifestyle of each unique yacht owner evolves with the economy and the changing regulatory and tax environment. 


It’s difficult to manage wealth and enjoy it at the same time – there are just so many hours in the day.

Anyone that’s played sports, ran a business, or achieved significant success, recognizes it is often difficult to achieve very much alone. It’s usually easier to rely upon teamwork - having the right pieces in the right position. This is particularly true when maximizing your wealth and achieving your financial goals - and certainly when it comes to net worth neutral yacht ownership- enjoying the benefits of the yachting lifestyle with as little cost and impact on your net worth as possible.


It’s not unusual for one’s financial success to be significantly affected by one’s team of advisors. This is certainly true the more diverse and sophisticated your assets and interests. In this regard, managing your financial “team” is like managing a team of professional athletes.


Even the most casual of sports fans knows how difficult it is to succeed when players lose their enthusiasm and passion, are only in it for the money, become complacent letting their skills deteriorate, or even worse they are expected to play positions for which they are not qualified, or they are out of position when they are counted upon to perform. Or as in hockey, when one doesn’t even have all his players in the game!


Yet, by expecting most tax, legal and financial advisors to make yacht ownership and the yachting lifestyle net worth neutral is a real stretch for most of them – to say the least. Few yacht owners have a true yacht specialist on their team.

How is your financial team performing lately?


Are you satisfied with your team’s performance and how they handle your yachting lifestyle? Do you have the wrong pieces? Or maybe the correct pieces but just in the wrong positions? Are you fully informed on all the “rule changes”? Could you even be missing a player – or two?



Research suggests there is at least a 50 / 50 chance. It is not surprising that many high income / high net worth individuals, athletes, physicians, and business professionals are dissatisfied with their current “financial teams”. The economy has changed. It’s a new game now with new rules requiring a new way of thinking – a new skill set is required.


This is not to cast dispersion on any individuals or any profession or discipline, but only to point out that it is very difficult for advisors to be knowledgeable about all aspects of their own discipline without focusing on how to make the yachting lifestyle more affordable for a limited number of their clients.


Just as it is almost impossible for a professional athlete to be as proficient at one position as another, one lawyer to be equally competent in all legal areas or one physician to be equally adept in all specialties – it’s unrealistic to expect most advisors to be able to specialize in solutions for yacht owners.


One would not expect a podiatrist to be a competent neurosurgeon though both are licensed physicians. Neither would one expect a nose guard to be a very successful wide receiver even though both play in the NFL or a NBA coach to be a very competent NHL coach even both are professional coaches. Yet that is exactly how too many high income / high net worth individuals, athletes, physicians, and business professionals manage their “financial teams” and why they constantly fall short of their financial objectives.


Either they don’t have all the right pieces or they don’t have them in the proper position.  Many successful people are missing at least one important piece to their financial team – especially many yacht owners.


If you are a yacht owner, or considering a yacht purchase, YES Yacht Executives can help you put the proper pieces in their proper position and help you minimize the affect the yachting lifestyle has on your net worth.


If you are a high income / high net worth individual, professional athlete, physician, or a business professional seeking to enjoy the yachting lifestyle AND maximize your net worth, we invite you to consider what just might be the missing piece to your financial success - the advantages net worth neutral yacht ownership.


Consequently, now is a very opportune time to buy that yacht you have been dreaming about. If you have ever considered buying a yacht, or maybe a newer larger yacht, now is the time.

The yachting lifestyle is big business – and you should get your piece of it.  However it is not usually considered to be an “inexpensive” lifestyle.


Almost everyone knows someone that has lost money owning yachts – sometimes a lot of money when maintenance and re-sale costs are examined. Or even worse, they lost money intentionally as some misguided tax motivated scheme.   There are many jokes about the expenses of boating.


Unless your advisors share your passion for the yachting lifestyle, most advisors view yacht ownership as a sure money loser, an extravagant expense of some of their clients – and often try to dissuade such an expense so the resources can be put to more productive uses. At least as they measure it.


However, if your current financial team doesn’t know how to mitigate the expense of the yachting lifestyle, or recognize its true value, then perhaps you may not have all of the right pieces. Yacht ownership and the yachting lifestyle may just not be their specialty. It is probably time to add a new piece to your financial team- advisors that have specific industry focus and a history of working with high net worth individuals.


That’s where YES Yacht Executive Services can help. Whether you are an established yacht owner or someone just thinking about plunging into the lifestyle for the first time - there are finally strategies to substantially reduce and even eliminate the financial uncertainties of the yacht ownership. Even if you are an experienced professional, YES may be able to help eliminate losses from your existing operations.


Admittedly that is a bold statement.


What is our secret?


First, unlike most other advisors – legal, tax, investment, yachting, etc. - YES usually puts its money where its mouth is. Unlike most other advisers that take your money upfront and then send you on your way wishing you good luck- YES and its cadre of affiliates are usually right there with you helping you succeed – or at least making sure you don’t lose!


In some cases and depending on the strategies employed, we have as much if not more to lose then you do.


How do the strategies work?


There are way too many possible scenarios to intelligently discuss in this format.  Without knowing the specific goals, objectives and financial situation it's impossible to determine which strategies are appropriate.  Besides many are proprietary to various degrees and will require execution of confidentiality agreements for those that are interested.


However we can say this.  Successful investors know the single most determining factor of the success of most ventures are the people involved. The purpose of YES is not to replace any of your current team, but rather to bring specific expertise to make everyone on the team more effective.


Could YES be the missing piece to your yachting lifestyle or your financial future?


If you have any interest in learning more, please contact us for a confidential conversation.


After all, you have nothing to lose and a “yacht” to gain. Go ahead.  It's your move!

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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