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Fractional Yacht Ownership

Frequently, the best solutions are often overlooked because they are simply too obvious.  There is something about human nature that places more value on complex solutions when simple solutions work just as well.


At least initially, we find that many yacht dreams can be achieved simply through the creative customizing of some of the strategies commonly used in fractional jet and yacht ownership. 


Fractional yacht ownership can indeed limit the costs and expense of traditional yacht ownership.


Exploring fractional ownership is just the beginning, a starting point, a primary strategy that has broad universal appeal and can be a good option for many yacht owners.  It is just a place to start. 


Fractional may be a good place to start, but it is no place to stay. We have one big problem with fractional yacht ownership as it is generally being offered in the industry.


The problem with fractional is - fractional yacht owners still lose money. 


Maybe not as much as if they owned a yacht themselves through conventional yacht ownership, but as the industry currently offers fractional yacht ownership, the fractional yacht owner still needlessly suffers economically.


Because with Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership, there is no longer much need for fractional yacht ownership as a means to just limit the costs of yacht ownership.  No need to continue to lose any money when the yachting lifestyle can be Net Worth Neutral. 


Why continue to think small when you can now dream big?


We were initially reluctant to even offer or discuss fractional services for yacht owners over concerns of being perceived as just another “fractional company”. 


However undoubtedly as the financial advantages of fractional yacht ownership become increasingly obvious in a rapidly changing global yachting industry, there will be many providers – some good and some not so good – attempting to offer various forms of fractional services, boat clubs, and similar programs with a range of quality and success.  Some will be better than others. 


By combining our net worth neutral strategies with our proven protocols with a long history of international success, we concluded that if necessary, we can provide substantially superior alternatives to the various forms of fractional yacht ownership being offered today and thus we should at least be prepared to discuss this alternative with clients where appropriate.


However, as good as these initial programs may be, fractional yacht ownership while good for many, we recognize it is not for everyone. 


Fractional yacht ownership is just one product, service, or strategy we offer either directly or with other affiliate providers or with other providers our clients may already be working with.   Fractional is not our primary focus but it can be incorporated in a Net Worth Neutral yachting lifestyle strategy so we can assist our clients elect a suitable provider of fractional yachting services when necessary. 


Alternatively, YES and our affiliates, can provide a superior brand of customized, sophisticated and personalized methods of fractional yacht ownership and participating partnerships as a quick and easy starting point for many yacht owners or aspiring yacht owners seeking to achieve their yacht dreams and remain net worth neutral.


It’s no longer unnecessary to needlessly lose money on a  yacht purchase - even if those losses may be smaller than otherwise through fractional ownership, - when we have profitable alternative and complementary strategies available. 


That’s why we created YES Yacht Executive Solutions.


That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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