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Our mission is to encourage and facilitate greater boating participation and yacht ownership.  


We help promote and enhance the yachting lifestyle by making it more affordable and often profitable - and thus more enjoyable and rewarding.

As consulting managerial economists for over 25 years, we have long been advocates for the affluent and concerned for their well-being.  The many benefits of boat ownership and time spent on the water with their loved ones can offer a special respite .  


A sort of aqua therapy for them and their families.


Financial success brings its own special challenges and usually comes at a high price of personal sacrifice.  Time away spent working often provides the resources and opportunities for loved ones to partake in less than desirable “recreational” activities.


Unfortunately, these activities can often result in lifelong adverse consequences. That’s why we encourage and promote the yachting lifestyle as one of the most uniquely rewarding leisure activities - and especially for wealthy families.


The inverse relationship between material gain and emotional welfare is well documented. The ancient mythical Greek King Midas realized only too late his infamous “Midas touch” was a curse after it turned his food, drink, even his daughter into gold.

Recent research on wealth happiness, depression, Wealth Fatigue Syndrome, Affluenza etc. provides current confirmation. Lottery winners, are only “happier” for a few months. After the euphoria wears off, they’re no happier than before they won the lottery. In fact, many are less so. 

The Mission Of  YES Yacht Executive Solutions


A survey of Forbes' 100 wealthiest Americans reveals they are only slightly “happier” than average Americans. 


With net worth’s exceeding $100 million, providing ample money to buy things they hardly use or care about, 80% agree "money can increase OR decrease happiness, depending on how it is used." And some are indeed unhappy. One fabulously wealthy man could never remember being happy. A woman reported that money could not undo the misery caused by her children's problems. 


Many report the only thing harder, more difficult and more burdensome than making money, is the constant worry and stress of trying so hard to keep it – or to use it wisely to help and not harm. Therefore, it’s no surprise research reveals the wealthy are up to three times more likely to kill themselves.

Thus, while the yachting lifestyle should make life easier and enjoyable, many find yacht charter more trouble than its worth. 


So, with or without chartering, the yachting lifestyle can still be net worth neutral, providing a superior recreational activity that is emotionally and economically rewarding.


Making a net after tax profit on yacht investments, without the hassle of charter, we hope may spur greater boat ownership and investment  in the yachting lifestyle.


Especially as part of a comprehensive wealth and tax strategy. Not only can a properly structured yacht investment be one of the most rewarding of alternative asset classes, but some yacht owners can recover their yachting lifestyle expenses simply by taking full advantage of all the available tax incentives and subsidies which often go overlooked or ignored.

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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