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J.P. Morgan
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 YES Can Pilot A New Course For Your Economic Success.   

With the prosperity secrets of the super rich, captains of all types can increase net income by more than 600%!

​YES Yacht Executive Solutions provides yacht owners with customized proprietary strategies,  preserving their net worth and making the luxury lifestyle prudent wealth management.  YES is now willing to share these proprietary wealth maximizing secrets of the super rich with a few select professional maritime executives, yacht captains, executives, and entrepreneurs so they too can better secure their financial futures.

Whether you own a yacht, work on a yacht, or just want to enjoy all the best the yachting lifestyle has to offer, YES can show you how to:

 Solutions for the true Yacht Executives - Yacht Captains

Captains of industry, captains of pro sports teams, and yacht captains confront differing industry  issues, yet surprisingly share many similar operational and personal challenges. 

Captains are the true field officers - making sure things go as planned - and achieving the objectives.


While they may get limited "support" from others on the sidelines, especially as long as things go well, but captains are often the first ones blamed for all problems.  Captains bear the ultimate responsibility for successfully achieving the enterprises' goals and objectives. Not just the publicly stated goals, but the owner's true objectives.


That's true for professional quarterbacks, corporate CEOs and especially yacht captains.

What are ownership's economic expectations?  Can you deliver?

  • Minimize risk

  • Maximize operating profits

  • Alternative income streams

  • Improve economic efficiencies

  • Protect and preserve owner's capital investment


Are you regularly meeting or surpassing ownership's expectations?

Similar Solutions For Similar Problems 

Fortunately, there's no lack of "expert advice" and most already have what they believe to be a good team of advisers.  So why do some enjoy perennial prosperity, some an occasional success, while most struggle just to "tread water"?  How can You Ensure Success?

Are there secrets yacht captains can learn from the most successful captains of industry & sports?  YES.

For example, as a yacht captain with chief executive responsibilities, what do you think your ownership would say if you could:

  • reduce / eliminate ownership's IRS audit risk,

  • reduce / eliminate ownership's economic risk,

  • make yacht ownership profitable with cash flow positive,

  • reduce / eliminate the need to charter because of other income streams?

Making You More Successful - Makes You More Valuable 


As managerial economists, we help you as the chief executive succeed by providing you with an information advantage - to help you make better decisions and more easily achieve your mission. 


We don't replace or compete with your team, but are essential supplements thereto.  We provide specialized expertise and a competitive information advantage that complements and enhances the productivity of everyone's current as well as future efforts.   Our contributions help ensure maximum efficiency and prosperity - with a special emphasis for those opportunities that might otherwise fall through the cracks or be overlooked.

In fact, the best and the brightest welcome our addition to the team.  They recognize our unique skills can relieve some of their burdens, making their jobs easier, more productive and efficient, thereby enabling them to provide better service and greater value to even more of their clients.

Unfortunately, at least initially, it's not uncommon for some advisors: yacht managers, CPA's, attorneys, financial planners, and asset managers to be a little threatened by our addition to the team and are overly cautious and reluctant to enthusiastically embrace what they may perceive as a potential competitor with skills they lack that can do things they can't.

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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