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Boat Notes & Quotes

Buying a boat or selling a yacht is usually  very stressful for everyone involved. - yacht buyers, sellers, and brokers.

It's understandable.  There is often a lot at stake.  How do you find just the right yacht for you when there are always so many yachts for sale.   How do you know if you are getting a fair price?  What are the tax consequences?  Will you save millions in taxes or get audited, busted for tax fraud, and pay millions more in back taxes, penalties and interests?  Who can you trust?

Looking for the best price for a yacht?  How about the optimum terms for a boat loan? It can be exhausting and frustratingly slow.


Well, here is  a chance to relax and take a brief respite.  Hopefully, we can help relieve the stress usually associated with making major financial decisions such as buying or selling a yacht.


Welcome to our repository of informational materials promoting the many benefits of the yachting lifestyle.   You may now be able to explain to those that may not fully appreciate all that the yachting lifestyle has to offer or question its value.


Science now confirms what many of us have known intuitively, that the water lifestyle can provide many rewards: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual- to name a few .


Research now reveals that just looking at pictures of water has health benefits.  


We hope you will visit us often and share with us and others your water wisdom.  


You also are invited to join our mailing list if you would like to be kept current of our latest findings.  

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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