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Why Not Test The Waters?

You have nothing to lose, but a "yacht" to gain.

So what's keeping you from living your dreams and enjoying all the best that the yachting lifestyle has to offer?

Obviously, that includes more than just yacht ownership. It's really about taking one's wealth to the next level. To being truly prosperous.  Many don't know the difference.

As if it's not bad enough,  according to government statistics,  over 99.5% of high net worth individuals are either 1) unaware of what is likely the greatest threat to their long term wealth maximization, or 2) helpless as what to do about it. 

So who are the other 0.5%?

What do they know that you may not? 

That's where we can help.

Many are pleasantly surprised to learn how easily Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership can be accomplished if they will just do this one thing to become more prosperous.

But we know your time is valuable, as is ours. We all have better things to do than waste it.  So while we are confident we can show you new ways to prosper, including Net Worth Neutral yacht ownership- we realize you probably have other demands for your time.

Perhaps it might be helpful to put things in perspective and think of it along these lines?

  • What if we had $10,000 waiting for you?  

  • Or annual lottery checks of double your current income?

  • Or maybe even the next best thing to a free yacht?


Anyway, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. DereK Bok

So what are you waiting for?   Are you afraid of something?

Unless you are afraid of becoming more prosperous, and leaning how to live the yachting lifestyle with no negative effect upon your long term net worth - you have nothing to fear from just testing the waters.  

The first step is simple.  


No fuss, no muss.  No cost or commitments. Just call us or send an email to get started. 



  • Easy,

  • Fast,

  • and Free.  


And that means: Risk Free.


Thanks to the benevolence of others as described below - for a limited time that also means literally FREE - as in no cost to you.

That's a value of over $10,000 - yours for free.  

But that is just for starters.  

How can YES make yachting dreams come trueand keep those dreams from becoming nightmares - when other advisors can't?

Because YES is not like other advisers.

In fact, as documented on this web site and elsewhere, it is only smart to check what your other advisers may be overlooking especially as to taxes, profitable yacht ownership, and wealth management.

We begin the process with a tax review -  low hanging fruit -  since it is customary for high income high net worth to consistently over pay their taxes every year between 20 - 50%.

Our experiences concurs with the research that the right tax strategies can have more than 10 times the effect on net worth than investment decisions.

Reducing taxes by 50% & increasing net worth 10 fold - is like winning the lottery.  

As consulting managerial economists that provide our clients with competitive informational and financial advantages, we are now committed to facilitating the yachting lifestyle. 

You probably already have a great team of the finest professional advisors money can buy.  But could it possibly be improved?  

Unless your yachting lifestyle is already profitable - then the answer is probably YES.

People tend to find what they are looking for.   Are your current advisors actively looking for ways to make your yacht ownership net worth neutral?    If not, then perhaps we may find something that has been overlooked.  We don't replace anyone on your team, as we offer a totally different but complimentary skill set.  We only make the entire team more productive and profitable for you.

Perhaps a fresh set of eyes, with a different perspective – a yachting perspective- may find something worthwhile.

The only thing better than a free yacht - is a yacht that actually earns a profit.

Reducing ones taxes by up to 50% and investing the savings should more than pay for most yachts.

It is not surprising that the more sophisticated and complicated one’s business and financial situation may be, the more easily it may be to overlook something.

You are invited to contact us for a free confidential consultation to see if we may be able to help your yachting lifestyle dreams come true.


You have nothing to lose, and a yacht to gain!

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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