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Some crews go all out, others just along for the ride,

and with some - it's hard to tell.

Most yacht owners usually have plenty of "advisers" - a crew of consultants.  Often lacking however is the competence and commitment  to - and responsibility for - the  economic success of the yachting  investment.

  • How profitable is your yachting investment?

  • How good of a job is your crew of consultants doing?

  • Could your crew possibly be improved?  

  • Could you have more boat for less cost?

  • CPA, attorney, financial adviser, yacht broker -

  • How do you measure success? Yours?  Theirs?

  • Could your team be over looking something?

  • Could they be more helpful with your yacht ownership?

Unless your yachting lifestyle is already profitable -  the answer is probably YES.

As good as your current advisers are, no one knows everything.  Every professional discipline requires annual continuing education so members are at least minimally competent.  

Unfortunately, as good as an adviser is in their discipline of tax, law or financial planning, few CPA's, attorneys, and wealth advisers specialize in this class of alternative investment.  They are neither equipped nor trained as to how to make yacht ownership profitable.  In fact, many are even prohibited by ethics and  rules of professional conduct from even discussing profitable yacht ownership. 

Certainly if your current team of advisors- CPA, attorney, wealth manager, yacht broker, charter manager, etc knew about Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership or how to make yacht ownership profitable, they would have already told you by now - wouldn't they?

Your dreams are only  a CLICK away

You have nothing to lose, but a "yacht" to gain!

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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