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Don't waste your time and money (and your broker's) searching for the wrong yacht

 A quick YES and no regrets

Our custom solutions make your yachting lifestyle prudent wealth management.

For example ask yourself, if:

  • You could buy  a yacht with no cash out of pocket – 100% financing,

  • The purchase was 100% tax deductible to reduce taxes against your other income,

  • Provided positive annual cash flow,  exceeding all annual yachting lifestyle expenses,

  • Your yacht and yachting lifestyle had NO negative impact upon long term net worth,

  • You earned long term net profits and actually increased your net worth,

  • You could secure an option today that assures a profitable exit strategy, 

  • WITHOUT the risk and hassle of charter - charter is not necessary,

  • WITHOUT needing to share your boat with strangers as in fractional programs,

  • The ability to give something back and contribute to the greater good of humanity.


Then, under those terms and conditions, what if anything would prevent you from buying a yacht?   Now you can even afford a much larger a yacht!

The yacht of your dreams

may be only  a CLICK away

Why not Test The Waters

"Sea" what we can do for you

You have nothing to lose, but a "yacht" to gain!

That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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