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How can YES make yachting dreams come true - and keep those dreams from becoming nightmares - when other advisors can't?

  • A bigger boat

  • Programs that pay for it

  • Producing actual net profits

  • Preserves & protects net worth

  • Providing more time on the water

  • More time to enjoy friends and family

  • With less cost, expense, worry, and stress

  • The extra benefit of giving something back

So now, exactly what's preventing you from living your dreams?

For boat owners, water lovers, and those that enjoy the best of the luxury lifestyle, specialized wealth solutions created just for you can make the yachting lifestyle a prudent wealth maximization strategy.

Why YES?

We provide a different perspective on boat ownership that turns a luxury lifestyle expense into a rewarding long term investment.


  • Our motivations are different. 

  • We avoid conflicts of interest.

  • We don't sell boats or manage yachts.

  • We profit only to the extent our clients profit.

  • Thus, our incentive is to provide profitable boat ownership.

Yacht ownership should have no adverse impact on your long term net worth.

Are there alternative economic strategies that make yacht ownership profitable? 

How to recover your yacht investment. 

Almost anything is possible.


Most boat owners probably already have a trusted team of qualified and highly compensated tax, legal, financial and yachting experts. But could your team be over looking something? Could they be more helpful with your boat ownership? Could your team possibly be improved?  Can you have more boat for less cost?


Unless your yachting lifestyle is already profitable -  the answer is probably YES.


As good as your current advisors are, no one knows everything.  That's why every professional discipline requires continuing professional education each year in the hope of helping assure some level of minimal familiarity with all the changes.  

Unfortunately, as good as an advisor is in their discipline of tax, law or financial planning, few CPA's, attorneys, and wealth advisors specialize in this class of alternative investment.  They are neither equipped nor trained as to how to make yacht ownership profitable.  In fact, many are even prohibited by ethics and  rules of professional conduct from even discussing profitable yacht ownership. 

Certainly if your current team of advisors- CPA, attorney, wealth manager, yacht broker, charter manager, etc knew about Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership or how to make yacht ownership profitable, they would have already told you by now

- wouldn't they?

Follow YES

Yacht Financing?   YES Is The Answer



Lifestyle strategies of the super rich-

  • 100% Yacht Purchase Financing
  • Optimal Terms and Conditions
  • Substantial Tax Incentives
  • Superior risk adjusted ROI
The Ultimate Leveraged "Liquid" Investment:
Wealth Preservation & Long Term Prosperity Strategy
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Yacht and boat charter  - the best conventional wisdom had to offer for a long time is now joined by all types of fractional programs and boat clubs - and worse. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of alternatives.


Certainly these programs have their place and specific markets, and there are some creative applications, BUT by themselves, they will never get you to where your really want to go - to the New Worth Neutral yachting lifestyle.  

No matter how promising the charter or fractional program may sound at first, the primary problem  is the participants still lose money - maybe not at much as otherwise - but they still lose money needlessly.  Some could be disastrous.

Some yacht brokers and yacht charter managers now  promote package deals such as "boat as a business", "business yacht ownership", or "yacht charter business management" as well as various forms of fractional yacht ownership and boat clubs.  Some are reminiscent of a kind of "Amway" for boat owners.


Many of these schemes tout dubious tax incentives to induce unwary prospects to buy boats and yachts from the promoters whereby the promoting yacht or charter broker manages the boat or yacht as part of their charter management services.

But even as brash as some of these boat as a business package promoters may be - even they don't suggest that the boat buyer or yacht owner will break even,  much less actually earn a net after tax profit.  Their pitch is that the yacht owner will still lose money buying a boat or yacht, just maybe not as much as he might otherwise.

Seems like the only ones expected to earn a net profit from the boat as a business or charter yacht business models are the yacht brokers and charter managers promoting the schemes.

Precious few yacht owners have anyone on their current team of advisors capable and qualified of stewarding their yachting investments– or an advisor sufficiently confident in their abilities and willing to link their compensation to the effect that yacht ownership has on the yacht owner’s net worth.


If you had a uniquely qualified, competent and experienced advisor – that acted almost like a partner – charged with protecting and preserving your net worth, whose long term financial interest was tied to yours, whose compensation was largely determined by how little yacht ownership affects your long term net worth, and had a strong monetary incentive to assure that you make a profit from your yachting lifestyle, do you think your yacht ownership would be less expensive, more profitable and more enjoyable?


Good news!  Now the answer is

YES-Yacht Executive Solutions.

We are not yacht brokers. Rather, when buying a boat or selling a yacht, we help yacht buyers, sellers, and brokers  achieve their immediate goals and maintain greater long term satisfaction years after the purchase. 

When all the other "advisors" correctly point out legitimate reasons not to buy a boat, and since they don't have any alternative solutions, all they can say is, "NO".


With Yacht Executive Solutions boat buyers and yacht sellers now have a YES in their future.  We provide a unique and special service specifically for yacht owners - much like investment or merchant bankers for the yachting industry.


To reach that elusive "yes" more quickly - and to assure your yachting dreams don't turn into potential nightmares in the future, Your Executive Summary to the Net Worth Neutral Yachting Lifestyle may be a good place to start.


Whether you are buying new, used or building a custom designed yacht, or a current owner looking to make your yacht ownership more economical, or trying to reduce your risk of an IRS tax audit, our mission is to support the yachting lifestyle and make your dreams come true, to make yacht ownership as stress free pleasurable, convenient,  and net worth neutral and profitable as possible. 

counting money

Learn more about the Net Worth Neutral yachting lifestyle. You have nothing to lose but "a yacht to gain."

counting money

Don't let your yacht charter business make you an an IRS target?

NOW CASTING FOR PARTS IN FRONT OF AND BEHIND THE CAMERA - Yachts, Owners, Captains, Brokers, & anyone seeking a profitable yachting lifestyle.


That if your current advisors  knew, surely they'd have told you already- wouldn't they?

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